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France: Vézelay
Benedictine Abbey Church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine

Historiated Capitals

You can look at the historiated capitals in two ways

1. Click one of the following themes:

Delivery of St Petereducation of AcchiliesUnknown-CounselUnknown-SchoolunknownProfane Musicrivers of paradisemystical combatRapeofGanymededuellust and despairEustacezodiacmystic milldeath of dives and lazDeath of CainFour WindsDavid and LionMartain and TreeDaniel and Lions DenJacob and AngelIsaac blesses JacobSt. BenedictDaniel with Lions 2LionsWisdom and FollyPelicansunknownGreed and ScandalLionsSummer and WinterMoses Kills EgyptianDavid and GoliathDeath of AbsolomElephantsDemonsgolden calfAngel Kills Ph.;s sonste-EugeniaMurder of Saulbirds with grapesVision of AnthonyadamandEveBirdsFeast of DivesBasiliskhermits share a mealwarrior and Dragonsac of cain and AbleAdam and EveJohntheBaptfight with LionsDeath of AmmonNoah's ArkmartyrdomUnknwonJoseph and P's WifeSamsonandDelialah


2. Click on one of the names of capitals in the Diagram below.

There are also some historiated capitals in the narthex, but I am so tired of capitals at the moment that I'll leave them until the next iteration. If interested in them, consult Salet-JV


Salet, p. 183. 

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