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France: Benedictine Abbey Church of Saint-Denis

Twelfth-Century Windows: Infancy Window


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Iconographical Key

The panels marked in yellow are ninteenth-century restorations. The panels marked in red contain some twelfth-century glass. Click on the twelfth-century panels for more information about them.

A-6 Kneeling Angel
B-6 Death of the Virgin
C-6 Kneeling Angel
A-5 Mary
B-5 Boy Jesus in the Temple
C-5 Joseph
A-4 Massacre of the Innocents
B-4 Flight to Egypt
C-4 Massacre of the Innocents
A-3 Dream of the Magi
B-3 The Magi
C-3 Adoration of the Magi
A-2 Annunciation to the Shepherds
B-2 Nativity
C-2 Presentation at the Temple
A-1 Visitation
B-1 Annunciation
C-1 Joseph and Angel

Other extant fragments:


Comparative Material

Compare with other twelfth century Saint-Denis windows.

Compare with Infancy Window at Chartres Cathedral.


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