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The Treasure of Saint Denis

Bust Reliquary of Saint Peter the Exorcist


Adapted from Félibien, Plate V, Item C

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Description Bust of gilded vermeil in which in enclosed the skull of Satin Peter the Exorcist martyr.

Félibien, pages 544. Translated by Jane Vadnal.

In the same year (1665) the skull of Saint Peter the Exorcist was transfered from the shrine of Saint Firmin, where it had been kept in a reliquary of gold vermeil. The ceremony took place with the Te Deum that occurred in the Solumn High Mass. It was resolved at that time to make the 20th of June of every year the feast day of this Holy Martyr of the second class, and on the same day, to expose the skull in the midst of the choir to the devotion of the people. The reliquary is on the form of a very finely worked bust: It is a present from M. de Sainctotm elderly monk of Saint-Denis, who spent on it up to the sum of 2 thousand, two hundred livres.

Félibien, pages 504. Translated by Jane Vadnal.

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