Images of Medieval Art and Architecture

France: Benedictine Abbey Church of Saint-Denis
The Treasure of Saint-Denis

Félibien Plate II


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A. Bust Reliquary of Saint-Hilaire

B. Cross Reliquary of Saint Lawrence

C. Reliquary of Saint Margaret

D. Reliquary Statue of Saint Madeleine

E. Shoulder of St. John the Baptist

F. Reliquary of Saint Leger

G. Statue Reliquary of Saint Nicholas

H. Cross of Jerosme de Chambellan

I. Paxes of Gold Vermeil

K. Clasp of Anne of Brittany

L. Vases of Abbot Suger

M. Reliquary Statue of Saint Denis

N. Reliquary Statue of Saint Catherin

O. Church-Shaped Reliquary

P. Aquamanile and Basin

Q. Scepter of Dagobert

R. Brooch of Dagobert

S. Reliquary of Saint Pantaleon

T. Reliquary of the Prophet Isaiah

V.Silver Reliquary

X. Crowns of King Louis XIII

Y.Crown of Anne of Austria

Z1. Ivory Madonna and Child

Z2. Manuscript: Evangelary

Z3. Plaque Showing David dictating Pslams

Z4. Ivory Plaques of Liturgical Scenes

Z5. Evangelary of Saint Denis

Z6. Plaque Showing Judgement os Solomon

Z7. Manuscript: Missal of Saint Denis


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