ENGLAND: Chichester


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Sculpted panel in the South Chir aisle, supposedly 
brought to Chichester from Selsea
ubject: Raising of Lazarus
Ca 1130 (?)
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South Transept
canopy with the tomb and effegy of
Bishop Robert de Stratford (Bishop from 1337 to 1362)
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South Aisle
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38 original misericords from ca 1330
Below are a few of them 
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Adapted from Bond, Misericords, p 13
No. 29
Grotesque figure. Human-like upper body dressed in a cowl
Its lower body and feet are beast like.  It has a second face on its hindquarters
It holds a round object- Possibly a drum or tambourine, or a tabor
Supporters are vine leaves

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Adapted from Bond, Misericords, p 43
Number 28
Monster with cloven hoofs, claws on its front legs and short, drooping ears
It holds a serpent like creature in its front claws. Possibly another creature is
held in its tail. Bond thinks it represents the bestiary story
that an otter cakes itself in mud, runs down the throat of a crocodile, and eats its way out of its bowels. (The artist obviously had never seen an otter or a crocodile)

Supporters- human faces- to the left, with a cloth draped over
its head, to the right, with hair growing  to toe bottom of its ears.

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Adapted from Bond, Misericords, p 83

Number 12
Grotesque creature with the upper body of a man, but with horse like rear legs with cloven  hooves, Unidentified object to the upper right
Supporters- tow human heads.
The one of the left has a floppy cap, the on on the right (female?) wears a wimple.
Bond suggests this is  a story from a French poem, The Lay of Aristotle in which  Aristotle is being ridden by a young girl

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Adapted from Bond, Misericords, p 109
Number 7
Female dancer of acrobat being kissed by a man 
holding a musical instrument in his left hand
Supporters- Upside-down heads of dog like creature
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Adapted from Bond, Misericords, p 151
Number 26
Subject unknown
A figure in a long garment fights a lion , thrusting a short sword through its mouth and 
out the back of its neck. There is some controversy about whether 
the human figure is a male or a female. Some have suggested it is Saint George
fighting the dragon, 

Supporters female faces. The one at left is in a wimple, the one at right is in a frilled hood

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