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The Martyrology and Obituary of Chartres

    This manuscript, substantially written before 1027, was produced for use at Chartres Cathedral. It is one of the few medieval manuscripts to survive the accidental bombing of the municipal library on 26 May 1944. It had been removed from Chartres around 1787, and was acquired from the municipal library of Saint-Étienne (Loire) in 1946. Its contents, many listed as links below, are principally Usuard's Martyrology, music for the Office of St. Giles, and the Obituary of the Cathedral. Inserted into the Martyrology, in the first half of April, are two leaves (mounted as a bifolio) devoted to Bishop Fulbert: on the first leaf is the obituary and eulogy of Fulbert within an architectural frame (f. 33r) ending on the verso and followed by three lines giving the name of the artist, André de Mici (f. 33v). He painted the miniature on f. 34, showing Fulbert in his Cathedral addressing a crowd of men and boys, and (under a separate arch) women. The Martyrology of Usuard (d. 875), a monk of St. Germain-des-Prés, Paris, was the most popular one in use in Medieval Europe, and is a calendrical commemoration of the feasts of saints. The music for First Vespers, Matins, Lauds and Second Vespers for the Feast of St. Giles, inserted between the Martyrology and the Obituary, has been attributed in whole or in part to Fulbert, who also composed the text.
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Tables of Rules and Moveable Feasts
Insertion   Fulbert & his Cathedral
                Martyrology  October
Two Charters
                  Martyrology  Prologue
                Martyrology  May
                Martyrology  November
Short Litanies of the Saints
                  Martyrology  January
                Martyrology  June
                Martyrology  December
Liturgical Ceremony: Hic est ordo...
                  Martyrology  February
                Martyrology  July
Office of Saint Giles  1st Vespers Antiphon,
Matins, Laudes, 2nd Vespers Antiphon
Mass of the Dead: Lessons, Prayers
                  Martyrology  March
                Martyrology  August
Mass of the Virgin: Collects
                  Martyrology  April
                Martyrology  September
Obituary  Fulbert's obituary

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m.s. n.a. 4, f. 9r
   f. 9r   Prologue

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 9v
   f. 9v   Prologue

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 12v
   f. 12v   January

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 19v
   f. 19v   February

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 25v
   f. 25v   March

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 31r
   f. 31r   April

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 32v
   f. 32v   April

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 33r
   f. 33r   Fulbert: Obituary  detail
   redrawn in  Merlet & Clerval

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 33v
f. 33v   Fulbert: Obituary  detail    
redrawn in  Merlet & Clerval   

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 34r
   f. 34r   Fulbert: Miniature  

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 39v
f. 39v   May   

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 40r
   f. 40r   May

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 47v
f 47v   June   

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 48r
   f. 48r   June

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 54v
f. 54v   July   

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 55r
   f. 55r   July

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 57v
f. 57v   July   

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 58r
   f. 58r   July

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 62r
   f. 62r   August

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 70r
   f. 70r   September

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 77r
   f. 77r   October

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 84r
   f. 84r   November

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 90v
   f. 90v   December

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 96r
   f. 96r   Explicit & Office

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 96v
f. 96v   Office of St. Gilles   

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 97r
   f. 97r   Office of St. Gilles

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 97v
f. 97v   Office of St. Gilles   

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 98r
   f. 98r   Office of St. Gilles

m.s. n.a. 4, f. 108r
   f. 108r   Obituary: Fulbert

The Office of St. Gilles transcribed into Gregorian notation by Merlet and Clerval

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