paten: A plate on which the eucharistic wafer was placed.

See also: chalice, ciborium, monstrance, pyx

pediment: A triangular space above a window or entrance. Originally the triangular space was formed by the end of a gable roof and later was used decoratively

Contrast with tympanum

pen flourished initial: An ornamental initial characterized by abstract, rhythmic patterns, usually drawn in red or blue ink. Pen flourished initials were especially common during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

See also illuminated initial
Compare with other types of illuminated initial.

pendant: A hanging architectural member formed by ribs. Not to be confused with pendentive. Pendants ofthe appear in conjunction with fan vaults.

See also fan vault

phylactery: A scroll or roll (made of parchment), usually shown unfurled, sometimes containing lettering, signifying the Word of God.

pendentive: A spherical triangle which acts as a transition between a circular dome and a square base on which the dome is set

Contrast with squinch
Do not confuse with pendent

pier: An upright support, generally square, rectangular, or composite. In medieval architecture there are massive circular supports called drum piers.

Compare with column, pilaster
Types of pier: compound, drum
See also alternation of support

pilaster: A true pilaster is a rectangular element of vertical masonry which projects only slightly from the wall and has both a capital and a base

Contrast with column, pier
Parts of pilasters: base, capital, shaft

pinnacle: A pointed termination of a spire, buttress, or other extremity of a building. Pinnacles are sometimes ornamented.

Compare with spire.

plate tracery: Tracery which uses thick areas of stone to separate glozed areas. The window may look as if it had been filled in with stone, then small openings cut through for the glass. The stone rather than the glass dominates the window.

Contrast with :bar tracery

portal: Any doorway or entrance but especially one that is large and imposing.

See also: jamb, lintel,trumeau

processional cross A large cross on a staff, carried in processions on feast days of various church holidays

See also crozier

pyx: A small box with a lid to contain the consecrated host.

Compare with ciborium
See also: paten, chalice,monstrance