nail-head: An ornamental motif of small pyramids, said to represent the heads of nails. Very popular in the 12th century

See also other repetative decorative motifs

narthex: A low projection at the western end of a church, like a porch. Although narthex is sometimes used synonymously with westwork, a narthex is usually more open and often has only one story in contrast to the more closed westwork with a large open chamber on the upper level.

Compare with westwork, screen facade
See also west end

nave: The central longitudinal space of a bascilican church. It is usually flanked on its lond sides by aislas which are separated from the nave by columns or piers. In many churches, the lay congregation stand in the nave to attend religious services.

Other parts of a church: ambulatory, apse, choir, crossing, east end, choir, transept, west end

net vault: A vault on which a complex of ribs gives a net-like appearance.

See also:rib vault
Other types of rib vaults:fan vault, quadripartite rib vault, sexpartite rib vault.

niche: A recess in the thickness of a wall.

Contrast with:apse