illuminated initial: : In manuscript illumination, a highly ornamented letter, usually the first letter of a word.

Types of illuminated initial: foliate, historiated,inhabited, pen flourished

impost block or abacus: The slab at the top of a capital between the capital and the architectural member above.

See also column, pier
Other parts of a column or pier: capital, shaft, column base

infilling or webbing: The vault surface between the ribs of a rib vault.

Compare with: rib

inhabited initial: : an illuminated initial containing animals or human figures such as naked fighters.

See also:illuminated initial
Other types of illuminated initial: foliate, historiated, pen flourished

interlace :A decorative motif consisting of threads passing aver and under each other like threads in lace.

See also other repetative decorative motifs

intersecting arches : Arches which cross over each other in an arcade

See also: arcade, blind arcade

Ionic capital : A capital used originally by the Greeks in a system of supports called the Ionic order. In the medieval period, the capital was often used without a strict adherence to the rest of the system. An Ionic capital has a volute, or a spiral scroll-like carving, on each side as its major decoration. Ionic capitals are relatively rare in medieval buildings.

See also capital
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