fan vault: A vault which consists of fan-shaped half cones which usually meet at the center of a vault.

Other types of vaults: net vault, barrel, groin, quadripartite, sexpartite

figured or historiated capital: A capital which is decorated with figures of animals, birds, or humans, used either alone or combined with foliage. The figures need not have any meaning, although they may be symbolic or part of a narrative sequence. Historiated capitals were most commonly used in the Romanesque from the late eleventh to mid-twelfth centuries.

See also capital, figured or historiated initial
See also other types of capital

figured or historiated initial: an illuminated initial containing a figure, a group of figures, or a narrative scene.

See also:illuminated initial, figured or historiated capital
Other types of illuminated initial: foliate, inhabited, pen flourished

finial: An ornament at the tip of a pinnacle, spire or other tapering vertical architectural element.

See also spire, pinnacle.

fleur-de-lis Stylized lily which served as symbol for the French monarchy.

Compare with:Tudor Rose
floor plan or ground plan: Horizontal cross-section of a building as the building would look at ground level. A ground plan shows the basic outlined shape of a building and, usually, the outlines of other interior and exterior features.
Compare with cross section.

fluting: Shallow, concave grooves running vertically on a column, pilaster, or other surface.

See also: column, shaft, pier, pilaster

flying buttress : A free-standing buttress attached to the main vessel (nave, choir, or transept wall) by an arch or half-arch which transmits the thrust of the vault to the buttress attached to the outer wall of the aisle.

foliate capital: A capital decorated with foliage elements.

See also column, pier, capital
See also other types of capital
foliate initial: : an illuminated initial filled with decoration in leaf scroll.
See also:illuminated initial, foliate capital
Other types of illuminated initial: historiated, inhabited, pen flourished

font: A receptacle for water, used for baptism.

See also baptistery

fortress church: A church built so that it might be used for defensive purposes.